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    Prescription AQWET SPRAY buy online without a prior prescription provides Prescription - Free online access to AQWET SPRAY, FDA-approved drug. Buy Discount AQWET SPRAY Here without a prescription. AQWET SPRAY is Dispatched from outside the United States. Purchase AQWET SPRAY and thousands of other prescription drugs at our Online Pharmacy. AQWET SPRAY available without a prior prescription. AQWET SPRAY price includes Packaging and Worldwide airmail delivery(2 to 15 days). Cheapest prices for AQWET SPRAY.

    AQWET SPRAY uses: Composition Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose 1.00 % w/w Sorbitol (as Sorbitol solution IP) 3.00 % w/w Potassium chloride IP 0.12 % w/w Sodium chloride IP 0.0844 % w/w Magnesium chloride IP 0.0052 % w/w Calcium chloride IP 0.0146 % w/w Potassium dihydrogen phosphate BP 0.0342 % w/w Description Aqwet is synthetic saliva. It is available as an aerosol spray in natural flavour. The volume contained in each aerosol can is 50 ml. It moistens the mucosa of the mouth, tongue and throat. It can be used as a replacement for natural saliva. It is more effective and long lasting than drinking or wetting the mouth with water or glycerol. Aqwet is an ozone freindly. Indications Aqwet can be used for dryness of the mouth or throat regardless of whether the condition is temporary or permanent. It is also used for intensive hygiene of the oral cavity and to help relieve bad taste. Dosage And Administration The can should always be held upright with the valve opening directed towards the mouth or throat. The nozzle should be pushed down for 1 to 2 seconds. Aqwet can be used as often as needed to maintain moistness. The valve opening should be cleaned if it becomes blocked.

    Dosage: 500 Sprays 50ML;

    Name Manuf Qty Price Order
    AQWET SPRAY Other name:SALIVA SUPPLEMENT, GENERIC SALIVA SUPPLEMENT Manuf by:Cipla Limited 500 Sprays 50ML $198.08

    Q.How much do you charge for shipping AQWET SPRAY and handling?
    A.Shipping AQWET SPRAY is FREE.

    Q.How do I order AQWET SPRAY and can you explain your shopping cart process?
    A.Ordering AQWET SPRAY with is fast, easy and in real time. Simply press the "Buy" button and order AQWET SPRAY online.

    Q.Can I have my AQWET SPRAY order shipped to my home or my office?
    A.Yes, you can have your AQWET SPRAY order shipped to where ever you would like to receive it.

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